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About DatingNet Banner Exchange

The DatingNet Banner Exchange Network is a free service created to bring FREE traffic to romance, dating, love and singles sites. With help of DatingNet Banner Exchange, your banner will be shown within a large targeted network of 400+ romance, love and singles sites. All this will bring FREE traffic to your site, and will cost you nothing.


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How does the exchange work?

It is simple ! All you have to do is to show banners of other romance, love or singles sites on pages of your site, and we will show your banner on pages of other sites members of DatingNet.
And every time you will show 3 banners on your web site, you will earn 2 credits, and we will show your banner 2 times on web sites of other members of DatingNet Banner Exchange ( 3:2 ratio ).
In addition to 3:2 ratio you will receive the following: 
ok.gif (520 bytes) If someone will click on banner on your site, you will get 1 bonus credit for this click
ok.gif (520 bytes) If you become a member of DatingNet Banner Exchange, you will get 3,000 FREE credits


Can I trust this system?

Yes. Just take a look of other features of DatingNet Banner Exchange and you will see why.
We offer you full statistic of your performance. In real time you can see:
  • Number of banner shows on your web page
  • Number of credits and number of bonus credits you have earned
  • Number of your banner shows on web sites of other members
  • Number of clicks on your banner
Cheaters? Forget about them. Our staff checks sites of members of DatingNet Banner Exchange twice a day, and sites with "Adult" content will be removed immediately. Other types of cheating are monitored also.
Technical problems? Forget about them also. We have done everything to avoid them and to make our system as reliable as possible.


Have additional questions - visit our FAQ page or send e-mail to


Do not wait. Join today and receive 3 000 additional credits for FREE !



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